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Strings and Other Supplies

We carry a full range of supplies for many appalachian and folk instruments — including strings, tuners, cases, dulcimer hammers, stands, noters, picks and many other musical necessities.

Our service doesn't stop with sales, either. We are always happy to take the time to show you how to use tuners or install strings, as well.

We can special order hard-to-find cases or other items. Custom stands can be ordered through us for hammered dulcimers, regardless of whether you prefer to play standing or seated. We also stock folding stands (lightweight and suitable to take with you for workshops or travel) and adjustable stands.

If you are looking for a particular brand, size or type item, give us a call in advance. We would be happy to check our stock and have your order ready for you when you come in.


11 White St. in Mill Race Village, Mt. Holly NJ 08126 Phone: 609-518-7600