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The world of folk instruments just begins with dulcimers. From time to time, we have gently loved used instruments for sale, such as Celtic harps, or have located an area builder for other instruments, such as ukeleles or mandolins. And, wherever we travel, we look for new ideas, new instruments — or variations on existing ones. One of our most recent finds is hand-carved wooden spoons — each set carved by hand from a single piece of wood. We carry harmonicas in a number of keys. You might even find a steel drum or other hard-to-find musical instruments. Stop by check out our selection any time.

bonesOne fun and easy-to-learn rhythm instrument is the bones. Some folks think they are the oldest instrument of all! And, although you may still be lucky enough to find an older pair made from bone, most sets purchased today are made of wood. Each wood has its own tone and resonance, so be sure to try out a number of pairs before you make your selection. Don't forget to ask when we will offer the next bones workshop!

There is no telling what unusual or interesting new instrument you might find at Pinelands! So stop by the next time you are in the Mt. Holly area and see what treasures we've discovered!


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