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Photo: AutoharpThe autoharp is one of the few musical instruments that can claim to be truly American in origin. Easy to learn and fun to play, autoharps have been making a big comeback in recent years.

We carry Evo and Oskar Schmidt autoharps because they are quality instruments in terms of both sound and construction, and will give you many years of musical companionship.

Originally a parlor room favorite during the late 1800s, autoharps were replaced in popularity by the phonograph. But the autoharp did not die — instead, it retreated to the mountains where it underwent a metamorphosis from a parlor instrument to a folk instrument. From there it came out into our schools to become a classroom feature, and finally has reemerged as a popular instrument for the serious musician.

You may remember playing one years ago in school, or listening to your teacher play. Relive the fun and rekindle the memories with a new autoharp of your own! Come in and take one of ours for a test run!


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