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SoyRoma Lotion Candles

SoyRoma Lotion Candles are a 100% soy skin care solution for dry skin.

Lotion CandlesThese candles are the ultimate body massage treatment! Made from 100% soybean oil, their lotion candles are naturally rich in vitamin E.

SoyRoma Lotion Candles are created with a soft, creamy formula and low melting point, only two degrees above the body's own natural temperature. And they are the first candles to have been clinically tested as a warm body massaging oil.

For the ultimate in personal pampering, light one of these candles before your bath. Later, spread some of the melted soy wax on hands, elbows — or any spot that needs some extra care — and massage into your skin. Warm, scented lotion for your skin — you will feel (and smell) wonderful! Why did it take candle-makers so long to produce this?


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